"Who are we?"

Spider Lab is a group of several vapers that are aiming to provide complex food flavourings. It all began with our signature shotsystem, that doesn't require any mixing knowledge. Thanks to the univeral dosage of our concentrates it has never been easier to mix our favourite e-liquid. The concentrate always comes with an original Chubby Gorilla bottle in which you can mix your Spider Lab Flavour concentrate, to make things even easier, there's a chart on the bottle that tells you how to add nicotine, should you require it.

To be able to offer a wide variety of flavors, we use food flavourings from all over the world. The bottling takes place in our own facility in Germany, to ensure that you always get the highest quality possible. The labeling is also done in-house, as well as the insertion of the concentrate bottle into the Chubby Gorilla bottle. We only ship our products if we've made sure that they comply with our high standards.

We truly believe that you can only satisfy your customers if you provide products that are of the highest possible quality and that's exactly what we're aiming for here at Spider Lab Flavour!